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You want to make investments that are going to pay off. That’s kind of the point of investing, right?

With the stock market, there are a few ways to see some payoff. It’s fairly easy to sell stocks, and if you sell them for more than you paid for them, then that’s a profit.

That’s all well and good, but it’s not really something you can count on. The stock might drop in value after you buy it. And while you have the stock, it’s not directly paying you anything. It’s just sitting there. Wouldn’t a truly fantastic investment earn its keep all on its own?

That brings us to real estate. Real estate can do just that for you. If you rent out a property, you’ll see profit in the form of what’s called “cash flow”. This is the profit you see when you rent out a property for more than its expenses cost. 

The property owner charges the tenants of the building rent, which covers the mortgage and other expenses associated with the property. However, if the investors are playing smart, there’s some cash left over from the rent payment after the expenses are paid. That investor could be you!

Real estate provides you with passive income. That’s money that you’re getting from something other than a regular job. Because of that, it’s clear that the stock market can’t always provide for you and your family the way real estate can. Real estate investments can be a great, reliable source of income. If you play your cards right, you get to see the profit without even having to regularly visit the property. The money comes to you, not the other way around.

Stocks are a popular investment, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option. You can’t always count on your stocks to be worth what you need them to be worth, and you certainly can’t count on them to make you money passively. 

Real estate is a superior investment for a lot of reasons, chief among them the consistent income it provides you with. If you want to see a consistent, regular profit, real estate just might be the investment for you.



About Kendal Slipchuk

KendalSlipchuk.com is a real estate investor. We have been actively involved in Calgary area with our real estate investing. Our mission is to provide quality housing for quality tenants, while at the same time providing an above-average return on investment (R.O.I) for our investor partners and ourselves.  It is truly a win-win-win way of investing!

Kendal offers his investor partners hands-free investment opportunities. If you are interested to learn how to earn an above-average return on your investment, backed by a solid asset, and without the hassle of being a landlord, please contact Kendal.

For more information about Kendal and his investment program, please call (403) 869-2773 and email him at kendal@kendalslipchuk.com or visit  https://kendalslipchuk.com/